5" x 120 Grit Stick-On Sandpaper Discs
5" x 120 Grit Stick-On Sandpaper Discs

5 in. 120 Grit Stick-On Sandpaper Roll-100 Discs

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Manufactured by Sungold Abrasives, USA
These are pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) discs that STICK to the backing pad on DA sanders. 
The discs have an open coat with a heavy duty stearate coating to prevent loading. The discs feature a resin on resin bond for an extended disc life. 
The grit is a P graded aluminum oxide grain for fast cutting action. 
There is no paper backing to peel off! 
You simply pull each disc off the roll as you go. 
There are a 100 sanding discs on a roll.

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