9 x 11 x 120 Wet Sanding Sheets
9 x 11 x 120 Wet Sanding Sheets

9 x 11 x 120 Waterproof Sanding Sheets-50 Pack

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120 Grit. 9 in x 11 in Waterproof Paper Sheets. Manufactured with silicon carbide grains. Features a resin on resin bond with quality latex backed paper. Can be used wet or dry. best when used with water or sanding lubricants. benefits include a sharp cut, very fine finish and resists all moisture. Applications include lacquers and paints, body fillers, glass, metals and plastics.
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High quality latex-backed paper
C weight
Silicon Carbide grain
Resin on resin bond
Electrostatic coating
UPC codes printed on the back of each sheet
Sharp cutting
Very fine finish
Best when used with water or lubricant
Widely used in the automotive market

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