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Auto Darkening American Eagle Welding Helmet
Auto Darkening American Eagle Welding Helmet

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet-Eagle

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Solar powered, auto darkening welding helmet with American Eagle design. TIG/MIG
Part Number: 53936L
Availability: In Stock
Battery powered with solar-assist for long life
American Eagle design
Lightweight well-balanced design, fully adjustable headgear provides comfort and reduces fatigue.
Two independent arc sensors 
Auto-darkening response time: 1/25,000s 
Working temperature: - 5C - 55C (23F - 130F) 
Shade state: #9 - #13 can be adjusted continuously
UV/IR protection: DIN 16 
Sensitivity adjustable
Welding & Grinding 
Auto On/Off power 
Replaceable cover lenses
Power supply: solar cell and 1pc CR2032 
Replaceable lithium battery

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